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Code to fight censorship

Online repositories and resources to circumvent censorship.

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We take note

Internet censorship is spreading and tactics are changing. Part of our work at Project Icarus is identifying and documenting digital censorship technologies - and finding out whose behind it.

Mirror, mirror on the web

Our community has developed technology to help you build mirror sites. So even if your site has been targeted by censorship, we can help you get back online.

Get smarter about censorship

Censorship is as fluid as the internet. We provide education and resources that help people circumvent censorship and the resources available to them beyond our project.

Check out our Code

Our repository gives you access to the tools you need to build a mirror site in situations where your site is blocked from local access. It's censorship-fighting code.

Decoy Dynamic Mirroring

Decoy Dynamic Mirroring

Create a dynamic mirror for your blocked website using Decoy, our reverse-proxy written in python that is ready to deploy on Google App Engine. This will make it difficult to block your website entirely.

Interplanetary File System (IPFS)

Interplanetary File System (IPFS)

Being built on the peer-to-peer data exchange system, IPFS is practically difficult to block at least by current censorship techniques and standards, making it worth testing.

The Tor Network

The Tor Network

Create a mirror for your website on Tor network using Tor Onion services. See also a brief introduction to the Tor network and how to access it if it’s blocked in your country.

Our News

Stay up to date with our publications and our community.


Introducing Icarus Project

An online repository for documented Internet censorship circumvention techniques and methods.


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